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What's Up Woodford?

Feb 27, 2023

🙌We have a surprise guest host on this show and it’s got Cory rattled. 🤦‍♂️ His wife Katie joins to talk about Burger Mania, Kinetic Connection, TikTok memes, overweight dogs, and much more! 👍
“Wine Not” by Wildside Winery , Keep up with

Feb 20, 2023

You all have to see this one. 🙌 HUGE news from Wildside Winery, we take a break from Kinetic Connection to bring you the top three fails of video conferencing, Someplace at Midway has an announcement, and Cory get hyped over Basketball…with 7 year olds. 🤣
“Wine Not” by Wildside Winery , Keep up with

Feb 13, 2023

Happy Valentines! ❤️ Emily and William try their hand at Kinetic Connection, Cory brushes up on his “Katie Knowledge” while crushing wine gummies, Sassy Nails has DEALS! 💅

WITH Kinetic by Windstream presenting a new Kinetic Connection! Go Kinetic Home Kinetic Business 

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