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What's Up Woodford?

Mar 7, 2023

New Monday, NEW SHOW! 🙌 Sit tight and snuggle up because this show is a doosey. We have a new sponsor with Aaron Smither at Bluegrass Insurance Group (BIG), Lee Howard tries his hand at some brain busters to see if he is as fast as Kinetic’s high speed internet, Cory admits a terrible fault, and Emily thinks about whether or not her mom should replace her. 🤣


“Wine Not” by Wildside Winery , Keep up with Falling Springs / Versailles -Woodford Parks & Rec , Business Circle by Woodford County Chamber Of Commerce Woodford Weekends by Reserve Woodford , Get fit anytime with Workout Anytime Versailles (Woodford Plaza), talk to fashion expert Madonna in Bluegrass Traditions , Have you moment of Woodford zen with Rector Hayden Versailles agents Jeri Smith Hartley and Cindy Shryock, Local food by J & B Food Mart Goldie and stop in to see Andy at Blue Whiskey! WITH Kinetic by Windstream presenting Brain Busters testing Lee Howard, Chairperson of Woodford County Tourism 👍 Go Kinetic Home Kinetic Business